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Ocean Accounts Diagnostic Tool (Version 3, June 4, 2021)



1a. Vision

National vision for sustainable development

1b. Concerns

Ocean-related problems, challenges, concerns the country faces that prohibit/hold back the realization of the vision

1c. Priorities

Key national policy priorities in line with to the vision and concerns. Could be one or a combination of

Economic focus (e.g., ocean economy, tourism)

Environmental/conservation focus (e.g., protected areas and other protection schemes)

Social focus (for example, the multidimensional equity aspects of ocean economy and ocean conservation)

1d. Plans

Existing or planned policy tools, including Marine Spatial Planning (MSP), in response to the priorities


2a. Stakeholders

May be arranged according to the priorities (plus MSP). Include stakeholders that should be engaged

2b. Roles of NSO

Particularly environment statistics, SEEA and ocean accounts compilation

2c. Mechanisms

That ensures integration across stakeholders, programmes, projects and processes (for example, senior steering committees).


3a. Data sources

May be arranged according to the priorities (plus MSP), including both official and non-official (such as academic, NGO, etc.) data and statistics

3b. Other key documents

Other key documents relevant to ocean data and statistics as well as ocean policy and management


4.Progress related to ocean accounts

Parts of SEEA and ocean accounts that have been compiled/piloted, including efforts in harmonizing & integrating environmental data and statistics

Existing or planned projects

Types of outputs produced


5a. Statistical context

Other statistical development activities, such as statistical legislation, adoption or revision of new standards, new data collection or integration initiatives.

5b. Other international activities

International support for statistical development and measurement of the ocean. May be arranged according to the priorities (plus MSP)


6.Priority ocean accounts

What parts of ocean accounts should be prioritized for implementation/further improvement considering information above.

Who could/should be engaged, both nationally and internationally, in the compilation?


7a. Constraints

Specific constraints under each priority account. Otherwise, key common constraints to progress the compilation/use.

7b. Opportunities

Specific opportunities under each priority account. Otherwise, general opportunities.

7c. Priority actions

To overcome the constraints and take advantage of the opportunities to progress the compilation of priority accounts